Identity Theft Awareness

In an effort to maintain your personal info secure from those that may wish to steal it, you will find some common suggestions you are able to follow to maintain your most personal info secure.


    • Make a list of all your credit card numbers and bank account numbers together with the get in touch with telephone numbers for their respective consumer service departments. Maintain this list in a secure, secure location like a secure or safety deposit box.


  • By no means carry your Social Security Card in your purse or wallet. In addition, you need to by no means write this number down and carry it with you. Scraps of paper can effortlessly be lost along with a criminal just may determine what the number is.


    • Make certain all your electronic equipment is password protected to ensure that none of it may be utilized with out your consent. This consists of laptop and desktop computers, cell phones, and PDA’s. Even though this may not necessarily maintain your equipment totally secure from hackers along with other expert thieves, it’s a great sufficient deterrent that it’ll most likely maintain your items secure.


  • Check your credit report a minimum of every year and make sure to check the report with all 3 of the main credit bureaus.


  • Periodically go through your wallet and/or purse and clean it out. You may occasionally store items that may consist of personal info without realizing. In the event you discover any receipts together with your account info on them, take them out and either file them at house or shred them in the event you do not require them.


Attempt to memorize all your passwords, user names, and PIN numbers. In the event you discover this job a bit challenging, it’s okay to write them down, but do not carry the list about with you, and by no means store it on your PC. When you have to maintain a list of these issues, store it on a flash drive which you can maintain secure.

Being aware of email procedures is another great step to take in the prevention of identity theft. If an email is sent from a bank or financial institution asking to log on because of a problem, this is usually a scam and no link in the email should ever be clicked. The majority of banks and financial institutions, well aware of the scams that occur, never put any links in their emails. This is one key to knowing that an email is fraud- if it requests clicking a link and entering personal information, it is most likely a scam.

Identity theft is a serious issue, one that should not be taken lightly. New scams are being developed almost every day, and as the scam artists get better, consumers need to get wiser. Taking the mentioned precautions will help keep online information secure and help prevent identity theft.