All You Need To Know About The 2022 Mazda RX-9

According to Japanese Autos Magazine, Mazda is designing a new sports car, The 2022 Mazda RX-9. The expectation is that the vehicle will succeed in the legendary RX-7 and RX-8 models. But, the Japanese automaker is yet to make an official statement.

2022 Mazda RX-9 Preview

According to a Japanese magazine, Holiday Auto. The model was to appear at the 2017 Tokyo Auto Show, but it never happened. Other unconfirmed reports showed the unveiling to be in January 2020, which was also incorrect.

But, there is hope for Mazda brand enthusiasts. There is some reliable news from the Mazda design boss, Ikuo Maeda. He confirmed the possibility of a top of the range luxury car. Although he did not confirm the name, the model will follow the RX-Vision Concept.

2022 Mazda RX-9 Styling Design

The Japanese company is ready with a new patent. And we may guess it a revival of Mazda RX-9, another super sports car. This new model and its related document refer to something new of vehicle shock absorption structure, with technical details and designs for a spaceframe front end architecture. It seems perfect for rotary style- with the standard double wishbone suspension, but a large cross-member in the middle of front end design sees for a compact engine layout. Moreover, the plan is for lightweight aluminum use and carbon-fiber-reinforced plastic.

2022 Mazda RX-9 New Exterior Design

The company is in talks for the revival of the sports car after 2012 saw the demise of RX8. And now, it seems to be in comeback with its RX-Vision Concept, the biggest tease from the company yet. This is the perfect proof of its new Kodo II design and mentions the evident eagerness of the company t bring an RX-7 replacement to the market.

Initially, the idea was to build the RX-Vision concept as the production-ready for RX-9. And we expected the same comments on the 2017 Toyota Motor Show. But, company executive Kiyoshi Fujiwara put a delay to our thought by saying that the plan is on suspension. They want more time to collect money and resources to develop the Skyactiv-X spark ignition technology.

Engine Options & Performance

Some reports from Japanese autos magazine have emerged that Mazda and Lexus will share a rear-wheel-drive platform. They will also introduce an inline six-cylinder turbocharged engine for petrol and diesel. The expected output will range from 350hp, which equals the power that gets most fast cars to 60 mph within six seconds.

With the specifications mentioned above, the Mazda RX-9 will rival the likes of Toyota Supra and Nissan 370Z expected to use the V6 twin-turbocharged engine. Although, the turbocharged version on RX-9 looks the same as the Skyactiv-X straight-six.


2022 Mazda RX-9 Powered with new engine options

As this news still considers rumors, there no official price available to tell for the moment. But keep connected with us, you will be the first to know if the official price for the 2022 RX-9 available.