All You Need To Know About The New 2021 Mercedes S-Class

The New 2021 Mercedes S-Class edition is ready to look, for the 2021 model year, this sedan comes with four trims levels: S500 4Matic, S580 4Matic, S560 coupe, and S560 cabriolet. So with this post, we will find out more details about this new S-Class, how good its new design, and how great the car performance. Let Check it out!

2021 Mercedes S-Class New Edition

2021 Mercedes S-Class Style Design

For the 2021 Model Year, The S-Class has a larger body, wider cabin and features substantial new technology improvements, including emergency steering assistance and an augmented reality system that displays the direction of turns in the windshield. USA TODAY reported in 2019 that automakers are pursuing augmented reality systems for windshield projection.

The company did not disclose pricing for the new S-Class, but starting prices for the 2020 model range from around $ 94,000 for the lowest version, to over $ 152,000 for the most luxurious version, according to car research website, Edmunds.

2021 Mercedes S-Class New Interior Design

The base model, the S500 4Matic, comes with a 3,000cc 6-cylinder engine that produces 429 PS. The premium version, the S580 4Matic, comes with a 4,000 cc, 8 cylinders twin-turbocharged engine that produces 496 PS. Known for its luxurious interiors and state-of-the-art driver-assist technology, the S-Class traces its legacy back to the 220 models, which debuted in 1951. The S-Class nameplate itself made its debut in 1972.

The upgrade to the S-Class 2021 model includes a slightly longer, wider, and taller body, with a 2-inch longer wheelbase, allowing for additional elbow room and headroom in the interior. This car is equipped with over-the-air software update capability. This allows for remote enhancements for everything from entertainment systems to driver-assist technology. Tesla popularized over-the-air updates, prompting competitors to follow this trend.

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2021 Mercedes S-Class Dashboard and Navigation

Supporting comfort, there is also a massage chair that can do 10 different programs. Then, the S-Class 2021 features a voice assistant that responds to calls, “Hi Mercedes”, to activate features such as seat heating and vehicle navigation. The system can recognize vehicle passengers by their voice to personalize data and functions. Advanced vehicle assistance systems, including “evasive steering assist “, which will help the car avoid walking pedestrians or still objects at speeds of up to 67 miles per hour.

Engine Options

For the engine, Mercedes offers the sedan with either a 429-hp turbocharged 3.0-liter inline-six-cylinder engine on the S500 or a 496-hp twin-turbo 4.0-liter V-8 on the S580. Both powertrains are supplemented by a 48-volt hybrid system (called EQ Boost) and pair with a nine-speed automatic transmission and 4Matic all-wheel drive. There will also be a plug-in hybrid model that’s said to have about 60 miles of all-electric range. The S560 coupe and convertible also feature a twin-turbo 4.0-liter V-8, but it’s not electrically enhanced and makes 463 horses.


2021 Mercedes S-Class New Exterior Design

Speaking about the prices, the 2021 S-Class comes out with four trims models and each model has its own rate. Here are the 2021 S-Class prices details:

  • 2021 Mercedes S- Class S500 4Matic: $110,850
  • S580 4Matic: $117,350
  • S560 coupe: $132,000 (est)
  • S560 cabriolet: $140,000 (est)