Everything You Need To Know About The 2024 Toyota Tacoma

Hello and welcome to lawjournal.us, today we will talk about the upcoming 2024 Tacoma from Ford. Taking cues from the completely revamped Toyota Tundra, the 2024 Toyota Tacoma should include an updated exterior style and advanced mechanical components. While the full-size Tundra is more popular, the mid-size Tacoma has been selling better than domestic competitors like the Chevrolet Colorado and Ford Ranger.

2024 Toyota Tacoma New Design

2024 Toyota Tacoma New Design

The next version of Toyota’s best-selling pickup truck intends to make the necessary upgrades so that the brand may continue to dominate the market. The 2019 Tacoma will ride on a new body-on-frame platform, which will most likely incorporate an upgraded coil-spring rear suspension.

Like the Tundra, we anticipate an improvement to the vehicle’s powertrain, which may take the form of a turbocharged four-cylinder with a hybrid model. The interior of the 2024 Tacoma is expected to get a refresh, making it more stylish and modern, and the infotainment system will likely follow suit; however, these changes have yet to be confirmed.

There are only a few things we know for sure about it at this time, such as the fact that it will use Toyota’s new TNGA-F design, a body-on-frame platform that also underlies the new Tundra and the next Sequoia and 4Runner. An artist’s rendering of a potential future Tacoma TRD Pro is also included. Similar grilles, headlights, and fender bulges can be expected on the 2019 Toyota Tacoma if the redesign of the Tundra is any clue. More information on the new Taco should be available next year, and we anticipate it will likely make its debut as a 2024 model.

Engine & Performance

2024 Toyota Tacoma Prototype

A new engine is long overdue for Tacoma. While we’d love for it to be the only mid-size truck with a manual transmission, we find the six-speed automatic to be awkward and dated in comparison to the transmissions found in the GMC Canyon and Nissan Frontier.

The departing Tacoma is powered by a weak four-cylinder standard engine and a V-6 that is weaker than every other V-6-powered competitor, including the widely mocked Honda Ridgeline. Our guess is that Toyota will offer the 2024 Tacoma with a turbocharged four-cylinder engine, most likely the 2.4-liter unit found in the Lexus NX350 that produces 275 hp and 317 lb-ft of torque. There is an eight-speed automatic transmission mated to that engine.

A hybrid version of Tacoma’s V-6 powerplant might be made available, just as it is in the new Tundra. The mid-size pickup will continue to use a body-on-frame design, but its rear leaf springs are likely to be swapped out for a more modern coil spring configuration that should enhance the truck’s ride quality and handling.

Price and Release Date

2024 Toyota Tacoma Exterior Update

According to some sources, The new version of Tacoma will make its debut in late 2023. However, Toyota has not disclosed the price of the ’24 Tacoma or the available trim levels. We anticipate a minor price increase over the current version, which begins at approximately $28,000. The portfolio should include the entry-level SR trim, the popular TRD Sport and Off-Road versions, and the off-road-capable TRD Pro.